Website homepage now showing on mobile

Hi I’ve been doing some work on a clients site - looks fab on laptop but looks terrible on mobile, its not showing any images or content. I’ve had a look in Jetpack and at the widgets to make sure they are enabled for Mobile. Can you help at all?

Hi there

What exactly is the problem? the home page is not designed at all, there is no content on the homepage and other pages looks normal on mobile

There is a slider, and parallax on the front page, the slider links to other pages and so does the parallax they are both not showing on mobile. On Desktop- absolutely fine


Your homepage is blank, there is no content here Screenshot by Lightshot
can you fix it?

Apologies there WAS a home page. I will look into it>

Please see now:

Hey there

I have the still same problem:

Ok, I’ve updated the PHP as requested. To me the home page is showing but it might not be to you, can I give you log in details to have a look as to why the content is not showing on mobile and desktop?

Ok, let’s try this, please provide access details privately

[email protected]


Hi there

Can’t access the dashboard, this is what I Have: Screenshot by Lightshot