Website image does not appear on social media sites?

How do I get my website front page image to appear when I add my website, in my social media postings/updates. If I go to LinkedIn and add an update and within the update, I type in my webiste, the placeholder for my webiste image appears, but the actual image of my home screen does not appear. How do I fix this?

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"How do I get my website front page image to appear when I add my website, " - not clearly understand this question, please tell me steps to replicate it and provide screenshot to it

This is my website. I use it as an online portfolio, when I share my site I want my hero image to appear. (scroll to the bottom of my page and there will appear a pop-up for sharing. click on facebook or linkedin) When I click on facebook there appears an empty image and text from my previous homepage. With linkedin, somehow text and images from my previous home page appear. I have no idea how to change it.

One way or an other on whatsapp it works correctly

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In reference to the issue here, could you try installing this plugin (Yoast SEO – WordPress plugin | and check whether the issue is resolved.
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Already have it. Doesn’t work.

Any other ideas?

I installed and activated Yoast and I am still having the same issue. I also called Bluehost and they manually added a Google crawl (twice) and still nothing. How can this be fixed?

Hi Danak

You need a third party solution here, this problem can not be fixed from the theme because such things cannot be managed by the theme functions, search for third party plugins or solutions in the internet

Can you help? What third party solution would you recommend? I have used other themes and it works fines, so I am confused…it is only when I changed to colorlib Idily theme that I have experienced this issue. Do I need to change to another theme?


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In this case, what is most likely happening is that the OG image tag is not fetching any data or else is not defined. As a quick question to this, have you set up a featured image for the page?

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Yes. The front page (or home page) has a featured image. I have also added data to the featured image: URL, Description, etc.

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Once again, this problem is not theme specific and you have to research your question in the internet parallel, you will find answer much faster than on the theme related support board.
Please try this plugin and let me know results:

Hi Support. Can you help with any other suggested fixes?

HI Noda. I have researched fixes online and nothing is working. Should I change to another template? I have not had this issue with any other template that I have selected in the past. I know that you say this issue is not theme specific, but why am I only experiencing this issue using the Colorlib theme?

I really like the Colorlib Idily theme and would like to continue using it…I just need this one issue fixed or resolved. I am not sure how to fix or resolve it. Can you provide other solutions? I installed Yoast and filled in all of the info. The feature image is on the front page of my site pages. Thanks, Dana


Dear danak i can understand your frustration but we have many customers using our theme and they don’t have a problem you are experiencing, i also know that this is not a theme problem, its simply impossible to be a theme problem, we already tried to provide solution we know or we thought would help but looks like this will require deeper investigation from you, sorry once again