Website is not responsive - Backround's not shown

our website is not responsive on mobiles. We can see just normal pictures but not the main design/parallax backround. Tried to find answers here but couldn’t help myself. Please let me know, how I can fix this, so our customers see the website how it’s meant to be.
Thanks a lot.

hey there

Can you please enclose a screenshot of the problem? I just checked it and the site is behaving normally for me,

sure, here is the screenshot, it does not behaving normally…

Hey there

THis is how it appears for me:

Interesting. Don’t know what changed but that’s good… In my phone it was white… Is it possible that the main pic (water with text) fits/scales automatically to the screen? (Because now, the text isn’t seen in full width)
Thanks a lot and have a good day.

hey there

Well, I tried it in a real phone and the result is the same as on the video, can you please try it from a different device?
Well, its a parallax image, im sorry but it can not be resized that way to fit all that image content on the mobile screen, this is normal when a landscape image becomes a portrait image. What I can do for you is to change this image completely for a mobile device, for example, we can use a different image only for mobile screens, if this is acceptable for you please provide link to that image :slight_smile: