website issues through mobile view

Hi, when I am on my webpage through my phone, I’m noticing two issues:

  1. the menu doesn’t work, nothing opens.

  2. when you’re in a post on my blog, there is extra to the right and you can scroll over to the right a bit. I don’t want it to that.

This is a bit off topic, can you respond through here?

  1. How do I make the header font across all my pages/posts not all caps? Currently, only the homepage is in lower case and I want them all lower case.


Hello Lisa,

First of all, are you using the latest version of the theme 1.0.16?
Have you done any custom modifications to the scripts.js file?
It seems that you get a javascript error and it’s not necesarry due to the theme version but it’s messing with the menu, the menu anchors and some others.

Maybe you can switch back to the original theme from the child and see if it’s working alright, otherwise maybe try to get the initial scripts.js file in case you did any modifications to it.

Can you please provide me a screenshot of the blog malfunction, I cannot seem to locate it.

Try using this CSS to deal with the headers display, if I understand correctly:

#header .bottom-header h2{
    font-family: arial !important;
    text-transform: lowercase !important;

Kind regards