Website search result needs amending please

Hi there,

Users of my site have notified me that in google search my page comes up with the attached rather than a normal summary of the website. It says front page and copyright of [my company]. How do I amend this please? Sorry if image is blurry but hopefully you can see it isnt providing the usual search web summary.



Hey there

Sorry, but the screenshot is very poor quality and Ic ant see anything on it,
Regarding your question, for better results, you may want to install and configure Yoast Seo plugin :slight_smile:

I hope it helps you

Apologies… Is this better? I have the Yeost plugin (non premium) but still have this issue unfortunately…

Hi there, not a prob but I didnt get a reply about this - any ideas as I have the Yoast plugin working? Hope this image is better. Many thanks

Hey there

Sorry but this thing is not related to our theme, google picking this data, not from theme-based information, you need to use the SEO plugin and properly configure them to change appearance, please also investigate this question on the internet for more detailed instruction. from what I know this is not a theme issue

Ok - thanks will do :slight_smile:

You are welcome :slight_smile:

If you need anything else let us know