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I have a problem with my wordpress dashboard. How do I start a new website?

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Please add a little bit more details to your question, properly describe your problem, I cant get anything, :slight_smile:

When I log in and open my dashboard I see the categories:
My Sites

I have a lifetime subscription, and when I download themes they save as WinRAR ZIP archive (.zip), and won’t allow me to open to edit. I cannot start a website from a theme…
I would greatly appreciate some help :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there

Still, there are some incliar thing and im not sure what is your problem is…

“When I log in and open my dashboard I see the categories:” - Are you using wordpress or HTML templates?

“they save as WinRAR ZIP archive” - Sounds like you are downloading HTML template, in order to edit it you need to unzup it and use any HTML editor

“I cannot start a website from a theme” - I’m sorry but I don’t get it, are you using WordPress or HTML?

Please share some screenshots of the problem

Sorry for the inconvenience.
I have wordpress - I have the colorlib lifetime
Oh okay, I have unzipped the downloads already. What HTML editors could I use? If I wasn’t good in html coding…
I have attached a screenshot of what I see.
I greatly appreciate the help, I am trying to create a website without having the hassle of coding it all…!
Screenshot (1)|690x387

I apologize about the screenshot attachment, I do not know how to make it show up in the message…


From the screenshot, it’s from our website, it doesn’t make any sense related to the question, I’m interesting what is your problem? im interesting in the problem istelf,
I understand you have a lifetime subscription but how this is related to the problem?

If you are using WordPress you need to set up it on your server and upload one of our themes, if you want an HTML template you have to upload it to your server as well

Please note, if you don’t have any experience with website creation first you need to familiarize yourself with this process

I see that maybe wordpress is not good for me; I am not confident using it.
In my lifetime subscription I have a 30 day money-back guarantee, how do I request a refund?

Hi there

Well, if WordPress is not a solution for you may use the HTML templates we have.
Yes, you can initiate refund process from your payment system

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: I have written to request a refund, as I am not able to work with wordpress.


Ok, that’s nice, I will mark this case as resolved now