Website superslow on mobile


I’ve done everything to my site to speed up loading time but I still get the bar and stop time at 99% for awhile before it loads. It’s slow on both desktop and mobile but way worse on mobile.


Following. Noticing this on my site as well. Thanks!

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Sorry but I can’t confirm, I can even record a short video site is loading very fast without any waiting time
most probably you made some changes after the question

twinwinning can say same for you, your site is little bit slower than site of the author but this is normal because you have more content on your website

I didn’t make any changes after posting this question and I have included a screenshot of a Pingdom test from today showing a load time of 2.19 s.

Any thoughts on what I can do to speed it up?

Below is a screen video recording of my page not loading after a whole minute.

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Can you try to disable the loading effect and check again?
2.19 sec is pretty good result :slight_smile:


First of all, any site loading in more than 2 sec is subjectively not a great user experience.
Also, I found multiple other posts on this forum board with the same complaint as mine and twinwinning.
For all others experiencing slow loading on mobile, do this:
1)disable the loading bar by putting this CSS code into Appearance–>Customize–> Additional CSS:
display: none !important;
2)deactivate and delete the Illdy companion plugin.

It’s a shame that such a pretty theme has build in components that increase page loading time. Also a shame that Colorlib support isn’t so helpful.

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Please take my apologies if you do not find my answer helpful,
first of all, if you deactivate shapely companion you will lose functionality of the theme, such as a front page builder, companion plugin is an important part of the theme
Of course, it’s better to have site loading time less than 2 sec but even 2 second is not a bad :wink: