when i do modification, my site becomes inaccessible for at least 20 minutes


I have a problem in my wordpress with shapely theme (www.artsabord.com)
when i do modification, for example add a pictures or some text, my site becomes inaccessible for at least 20 minutes.

I cannot go in my admin page or in the website.

I put a picture of my screen attached,

Do you can help me,

thanks a lot,

damien from france

Hi there
Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
That’s quite odd, kindly confirm does this issue persists when all the other plugins are deactivated?
Let me know how it goes.
Colorlib Support Team


Thanks for support.
Yes same problem when other plugins are desactivated.

Maybe is because i have wordpress version 5.4.1 and shapely compagnion is ok untill 5.1.5???

Hi there

From your picture, you are losing connection to the database, most probably this is a hosting related issue, I would also check the plugins but for sure this is not the theme or WordPress


Thanks for reply,
my website is hosting with LWS, i will try to ask someone from lws.

hi there

Ok, from what I see there is no problem with the theme, so, I will mark this case as a resolved