Where I can rate review this theme?


Where’s the best place/site to give your theme 5 stars? It’s great and you’ve been quite helpful.

Also, concerned about updates, as I’ve made changes to color and font size and color, will an update override those? Any way to transfer those to a Child theme?


I would appreciate if you could leave a review for this theme on WordPress theme repository: http://wordpress.org/themes/travelify

Yes, update will overwrite all your customizations done in the code but all settings done via Theme Options will still be there.
It is always better to make all these changes via Child Theme. In the best case scenario you would have to copy only changes values to style.css of your Child Theme. Since you did all changes right in the original file it might be difficult to move to Child Theme.

There is nothing much new in the 1.3.7, so you can skip that but I am now working on 1.4 which will be a must have update for everyone.

I’m fairly sure I only changed colors of the bar, hover, and the like. Did it through a mass find/replace that was outlined above. Next time, should I set that up in a child theme and make the changes there? Or is there a CSS option trick?

You can add your custom CSS stylings to Theme Options – Other – Custom CSS. Any changes done via that are saved in database so they are update safe.

It will function similar to Child Theme style.css.

Using Child Theme is also a good idea since you will have a better control over your work.

You can try to use some text editor to compare two file side by side to see what’s changed. Here is a great list of tools http://www.quora.com/What-tool-can-I-use-to-compare-two-CSS-files-to-find-the-differences-between-them