Where Is Code For Shop Page and Product Page

I want customize from the ground up the shop and product pages in Shapely. I’m having problems finding where they are in the Editor. Please let me know where I can get to the code and customize the Shop Page and Product Page.

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What exactly you want t to customize? style or layout?
if you want to customize style then you have to create new styles and add them in the child theme, if you want to customize layout and file structure then you need to add files in child theme from parent theme /woocommerce all file of Woocommerce can b found in this folder,
if you know how to customize WordPress then you should know all these things but if you are beginner then i suggest to use this plugin, https://wordpress.org/plugins/what-the-file/ but of course knowing which file was used for page construction is not enough
Colorlib Support Team

The only php files in the woocommerce folder for my Shapely parent theme are the ones shown in the picture I’ve attached. The “shop” and “product pages” are not there. Need to know where they are?

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im not sure where exactly, i think theme uses default woocommerce templates from plugin rather than theme template files (in your case) please use plugin provided in my previous reply