where is style.css?

I just start my experience with Colorlib templates, so let me pose begginer question - where I find a file with css? Scytle.css or something like this?

I’m bulding my first site based on Woerdpress. Shapely seems have everything I need, but I found ferst reef - I dont know how to change text into png file on the first page?

Word “ElectriCity” into El_logo.png

just see:

Hi there

Style.css file is required in Wordpress, probably you are uploading html templates into the wordpress themes, this is the place where you will get such error, please note html templates can not be used in wordpress :slight_smile:

Hi Noda, thank you for your answer. But according to my second question - how to change text into png file on the first page?

Exacetly in this particular case - Shapely Theme - Word “ElectriCity” into Logo.png?

Hi Jarom

Sorry for yesterdays answer, looks like I messed it with another answer in another ticket :slight_smile:

Regarding your question, its a PNG image, not a PSD you cant change text in the file, you have to edit image and first delete and then add new text in the file,