Where my posts go?


I have set up my blog page and chose this page in Settings > Reading as Posts page. But I want my blog posts to be the Front page. My problem is that when I choose “front page displays: your latest posts” option my posts disappear from the blog page.
I cannot set up BLOG page as front page and posts page at the same time - I get a warning: “these pages should not be the same!”

So the point is: I want my blog posts as front page and also I want them to be available under the “BLOG” page.
Could you please let me know how should this be achieved?

Thank you in advance.

WordPress already offered the one and only answer for this:

these pages should not be the same!

The reason why this isn’t working is because it will kill your website SEO with duplicate content and I doubt that you want that.

Please let me know if you don’t care about SEO at all and I will try to look up some solution.