Which Colorlib themes have full-screen front page header image capability?

Hi, I’m currently trying out Shapely and chose it because of the full-screen header image and the font style. But I’d like to ask if any of the other Colorlib themes can be easily customized to have the same as well.

Thank you,

Hello Gillian

I think you already have the same question in your other ticket, ??

Hi Noda,

Similar but not exactly, and I haven’t gotten an answer about how I can use Shapely without the demo’s front page Widgets and still get a fullscreen header image. And if that’s not possible, if someone could recommend another Colorlib theme where I can have the header image fullscreen.

Thank you for your help, Noda.

hi gillian

Not the same header style but similar our themes can be found under “free themes” menu element on this page, but anyway shapely is different from them