Which Widget to Use?

Hello everyone, I am very new to Wordpress and have installed Shapely twice as the first time I couldn’t see the demo content to customize. I figured that out and was off to the races in a matter of speaking. The videos have helped very much but I have a question, On my home page, I would like to place a section which has staff pictures (3-4) with there title under it. Which widget should I be using? I tried Gallery but was not happy with the caption title and the placement of the pictures. I also didn’t see the HTML behind the scenes that I can change the formatting. Please advise.

Also, is there a way to place my logo along with the company name on the top? When I place my logo, the company name goes away. The only way I can get it back, I need to remove the logo. Please advise as well.


Hi Rich

Thank you for kind words :slight_smile:
Well, sorry but there is no such widget in the theme to display team members, you may need to search for third party plugins or customization services to get them on your homepage

Thank you for the information. Love the theme!!

You are most welcome Rich :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have other questions