White space before Jumbotron image

Dear team,

hope you are doing well. Please, could you check my website http://www.na-vlne.cz/ (password is navlne). I was making changes to jumbotron image and ended up with blank space before jumbotron (was adding different ccs code for .woocommerce .header-front-page). Could you please advise me what Ive done wrong.

Thank you, your advice will be strongly appreciated.

Hey there,
I hope you’re doing well today

To be better able to assist you. Kindly remove the custom CSS you’ve added and send it here, along with what is it you’re trying to accomplish. I can probably help you with the CSS you need.

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Dear Support,

I was able to fix it by myself. Thank you! I think we can delete this tread. K.

Hello there,

I am glad that you found a solution.
Please feel free to contact us again in the future regarding any other issues.

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