Why do paragraphs disappear with Sparkling?

We are in the process of moving our website to Sparkling, which has many attractive and useful features. In fact it seems to be one of the best responsive themes available today.

There is just one issue which is causing concern for us. The layout of both posts and pages is lost when activating Sparkling and all text is bunched together without any paragraphs; e.g.


In the editor window you can see that the text layout has been arranged with 3 paragraphs. However on the webpage all paragraphs have disappeared and the text is bunched together.

How can this issue be resolved? I cannot believe that we have to manually edit approx. 3,000 posts by inserting <p class=“none”></p> tags.

I can give you admin access if this would enable you to resolve this issue.

Please advise.

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I checked the link and it appeared fine.

Please clear your browser cache then reload the page.

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The post link loads fine but there should be 3 paragraphs in the text block.

See attached screenshots (paragraphs_diisappeared.jpg; text_editor.jpg)

Please advise.

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@supertrooper can we check if this is a really theme issue? i think something is happening in WYSIWYG editor, can you check it with default WordPress theme?

There was an issue with one of the plugins, which has now been resolved.

Thanks for the great support.

Hi there,
Thanks for the update.
I’m glad that the issue is now resolved.
Please feel free to reach out once again in case of any more questions.

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