Why my card got declined

I was about to buy a theme and my card got declined. Few moments later, I received message on my phone that payment got deducted. I am also attaching the pic for a proof. Since then, I have emailed them multiple times, created a topic here but no reply whatsoever. Nothing at all

Hey there

Sorry to read this,
if payment is processed and money is deducted from your account then this means you made the purchase of them.
Where did you send a mail? only the way to get support is to open a support ticket here on this site, but please consider, we work only on weekdays, not on weekends

Waiting for your message

I emailed at [email protected]

Please resolve this issue as soon as possible because I have already missed a lot of time for my project. Thanks

Any update? I need the theme before tomorrow so please let me know how long would it take. If you need anything from me, please let me know

Will I get anymore response ? If it’s taking so much time, then please refund the amount.

Hi there

You need to use only this support board for support inquiries

You already have access to your template. Just make sure to reset your password here .

Make sure you are using the same mail

It’s not letting me reset password, saying my email/username doesn’t exist. Please help me out here

Just let me know how can I access my template.

Please resolve this issue asap. I don’t know why it’s taking so long. My account isn’t there. I haven’t received any email of the purchase as well.

Please ask for a refund on your purchase from your card issuer/bank. We haven’t received a payment from you. It was declined and we see that in our records, therefore we can’t refund it because we never received it in the first place.

Sorry for the inconvenience.