Why you should learn how to code?

Who says you’re not a good programmer? well that’s how you think of yourself but as per my understanding you have presented yourself as a very nice designer and theme developer and that means a lot in itself. I like how neat and clean your designs are and I truly appreciate your work. Each one of us is learning here, and you or me are no exceptions. I’ve learnt a lot of new things while just modifying elements of sparkling theme. I also appreciate that you also answer a little bit off-topic questions and that too very deeply. Exchange of knowledge is very good for me and you, and for the fellow readers as well. I am sure everyone will benefit from them at some point.

Back in year 2000, my dad gifted me a P3-800/128MB/20GB machine after I passed out high school. That was the time when I first learnt HTML and CSS and it became my passion. I remember at that time tables were used a lot. When I coded, I coded for days with very less sleep or eating and my parents were worried about that. lol. That’s more than 15 years now and technology has evolved greatly. Due to unfair circumstances and also due to my wrong choices my career and life direction went on a wrong track and unfortunately I was far away from my passion. Again in 2014 now, I have established myself so that I can follow my passion without being concerned for money and earnings. I am back to learning, however HTML is now HTML5 and CSS is CSS3. I’m not 16, I’m 30 now, but that does not matter. I’ve started and I’ll build my web design skills once again from scratch here.

Since the past 3 months, I am browsing inspirational galleries, typographies, dribble etc. and that’s how I came to know colorlib. I am learning new technologies used in modern web design and keep bookmarking anything I like in terms of design, and as you suggested, I use the “inspect element” function in Google Chrome [I personally think Google Chrome is one of the many *fantastic* products from Google and no other browser comes close -I’m sure many will agree.] to see how they’ve coded it. If not enough, I save an offline copy of the page and go through the style sheets and html tags to learn new functions and how to style elements. Learning how to do things is always better than copying stuff as it does not stop you from being creative. CSS, color palettes, how things are presented on page and design elements (UI) are the things that inspire me a lot. Functionality, interaction and easy to use navigation systems (UX) is something that I still have to learn so you can say I’m a new kid on the block.

As I work overnight in a leading tech support company so I get a very little time, maybe 2-3 hours to work and learn new things. I know that’s not enough, but this is all I’ve got. What I like about you, colorlib and other people here is that you are [extremely] helpful. Thank you for your appreciation that I helped another forum member over here. I believe that if we can help someone with our knowledge to provide solutions, there’s no better way of satisfaction than that. I’m sorry that I’ve written my heart out, maybe this is not the correct place. I sincerely hope I don’t get blacklisted for that. But the thing is that I do not have any colleague or friends with whom I can discuss web design because they’re all interested in tech support thing.

Thank you once again for the wonderful support. If you’re a one man army behind colorlib, hats off to you. Best of luck for the future development of premium WordPress themes and any upcoming projects. Colorlib is one of the very few resources that I visit almost everyday. Others include WordPress, designmodo and elegant themes [only their blog].


That’s some story right there! :slight_smile:

I started to learn web development when I turned 25 (I am 26 now) and I have to technical background. Since you have some technical background it might be much easier to get on the track. Also HTML5 is not that much different from regular HTML but CSS3 is different from what it used to be but most of the features such as animations haven’t yet reached popularity because not many browsers supports them.

It might be surprising but Colorlib is one man operation from support to theme collection and from theme design to theme development. Currently I am looking for someone who could help me with creating and publishing theme collection as it takes a lot of time but it is our main income source.
Currently looking to expand operations so I can spend more time on learning and building new WordPress themes. Maybe even move to some web apps but my skills are not there yet.

I don’t think I could work in tech support because because I am already having a hard time answering questions here on this forum. I have made 1800 answers here and some 300 on WordPress forum in 2014 alone and sometimes I really hate it. I hate that some people doesn’t read at all. They haven’t looked in documentation or tried to Google for this problem. And when you give exact answer, they still don’t read it through and screams that it doesn’t work.

Overall I am very pleased with this project as I am already making a living out of it and there is still a huge potential. Everything thanks to my decisions to start to learn programming.

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Tech support is no big deal for me as I am doing this for almost 11 years now. Providing support to Home users for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Printers, Routers, Firewall, LAN, Wi-Fi, Anti-virus issues, virus removal to name a few is a piece of cake for me. I would love to work with you for Colorlib. I would feel honored if I would publish theme collections and articles for Colorlib as a Guest Author or a part time Author. If I’d be given a chance to prove myself in writing, publishing collections and generating revenues - I won’t disappoint you. I would love to get started whenever you feel it is appropriate. Besides theme publishing, if there is anything else that I can be a part of - I’d feel privileged.


Sounds awesome!

Will think how we could work together and what I can offer to you and will send you an email later today to discuss it further.