Widget in menu

Hi guys that’s me again,

I have a translator plug-in that I want to integrate in my header on the same line as logo and menu.
Here is the function :

<?php if(function_exists("gltr_build_flags_bar")) { gltr_build_flags_bar(); } ?>

But wherever I add it, it is always going below the menu and logo or it creates one more header up to the one existent.


Thanks you all


This might be tricky. Try to add your code inside header.php on first logo div (when header image is used) and try to style your code with “inline-block”. If you don’t know how to inspect elements to know what class to target, please notify when your website is online and your code is in header and I will try to help you from there.

OK I will try this soon, just to be sure, I have found a global-translator/header.php file in the extension, do not you think the code could be in this one ?

That file is part form plugin but not theme. Probably it creates some output for wp_head but I am not really sure about that. My suggestion was to look into theme files instead of plugin files.