Widget Title Font Color

Hi There,

I am new to WordPress so this may be a simple issue, but I can’t seem to change the font color of the widget titles on my home page. I want all of the title fonts to be white and currently, only the top Shapely Parallax Section for FrontPage is white. I’ve tried searching through the forum and put a few CSS codes into the “Additional CSS” section, but didn’t have success. My page is: (preview link)

Please help! Thank you!


Hello Russell

First of all, you should not share such url in public :frowning:
Since you tried some css and they did not work then i need to see your website, i know url but coming soon mode is activated

Oh I didn’t realize that a preview link would pose a security threat, should I delete this question later?

Also, how can I share the website with you then?

hi russ

You can use private message to provide url to your website privately
just removed url of your website from your first message

Thanks, Noda

Link is here: https://rlionemusic.com/
I published the changes and its working on my end. The font color that I’m referring to are the titles for the parallax sections below the main title such as “Portfolio”, “About Me”, and “Contact”. I noticed that when I have the picture set to left, right or bottom, the title font changes to black, and for full background images, the font is set to white. Can you let me know how to set all of the titles to white?

Also, I am having trouble getting my menu to work correctly. I set custom links to the menu links so that the page scrolls down to the sections on the home page. Used this article as a reference: https://colorlibsupport.com/t/widget-button-links-scroll-page/.

This worked for the first two items but now for the third “bio” link, it skips it and goes to the “contact” section. Any advice there? Thanks and happy new year!


Hello Russel

Please try this css:

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {
color: #ffffff;

Regarding menu links - please follow documentation Russel, they are not working properly

Thanks, Noda, got it!

Ok a few more questions haha…

  • Widget body text color. I’d like to change the color in the contact form and the “About Me” section to #b1e1ff. Also, the previous CSS you gave me also managed to change the font titles in the “Read More” link of the bio section: https://rlionemusic.com/aboutme/ which is great! So, can you provide me a similar CSS that will also make changes on this page?

  • I installed a scrolling plugin and that seemed to take care of the link issue I was having.

  • I really like the portfolio widget - the way it scrolls, links to other pages and the fact it displays images. However, I’d like to A. Make that section bigger and B. Make the icons that scroll bigger, to be more like the size of the picture in the “About Me” section. Is there a way to edit that or do you recommend accomplishing this a different way?

Thanks again!