Widget Video section doesn't work // How to change fonts on Parallax widgets

Dear all, dear Support,

I just installed shapely and I find it quite ok. However:

  • the widget “Video Section” however doesn’t seem to work. Here’s my site: http://www.camcom.eu Scroll down you’ll see a dead youtube video.

  • I’d like to change the fonts in the parallax sections to bold. How do I do that? I tried several CSS things, but it seems dead now. Anyway I’m anything but a coder.

Any ideas for help? Thanks !



Sorry for a late in response, the site you’re linking http://www.camcom.eu/ don’t have shapely installed, can you change that to shapely? so that we can check what is going wrong.

For Youtube URL make sure you gave just the ID, like if you’re trying to link this video AURORA - Conqueror - YouTube then just enter dmVAmlpbnD4 in the YouTube ID field.

Let us know,