Widgets linking to other website


I created a widget of social media links including Reddit. Then I added a text widget for Blog Subscriptions through Jetpack. For some reason, the Blog Subscriptions widget links to Reddit. Clicking anywhere inside the box links to Reddit and the text is colored as a hyperlink. Coincidentally, it’s the last link in the social media widget I created. The problem also affects the social media widget itself in its title text. I’m not sure if I haven’t closed off the coding correctly in the other widget and it’s spilling over. Any ideas? Thanks!

Please post your website URL, so I can look into this.

From your description it is already obvious that you have made mistakes in your social widget code as there is no way Jetpack or theme itself would link to Reddit.

Here you go:


Thank you!

Clean all files where you attempted to put social links. I can see them in footer.php and most likely it is on other files as well. Make sure to clean that mess because there is no other way how this code could be added in those places and several if not even dozens of times.

Sorry, I’m new at this whole thing. Could you please explain what it is that I’m looking to clean or correct? I haven’t done much CSS editing. Is there any way to simply start over completely to avoid this? Thanks!

Did you attempt to modify anything in any of php theme files?

If not, please post HTML content from widgets you have created and will look into them but it doesn’t look like a problem with widgets, but still would like to check what is going on.

No, I didn’t. Was a mistake with my coding in the widget. Fixed now. Thank you!