Widgets not working with new update

Recent posts bar, Jetpack-built-in widgets (like slideshow) aren’t working and I’ve figured out it’s an issue with the theme not the widgets since they are Jetpack-built and are compatible. I don’t have any way to revert the update.

Hey there

on the link you provided here you are not using our theme, please contact the theme author

I had to change the theme since the Newspaper X theme wasn’t working. Without reverting back to it since it wasn’t working, is there any way you could see it in troubleshooting mode?


Troubleshooting mode? how? do you have it? if yes then yes, I can take a look :slight_smile:

I just got the troubleshooting plug-in but I’m not sure what to do with it to help you

Hey there

Please send me your access details in a private message and I will check your problem

How do I do that? what do you mean?

Click on my name here and you will see an option to send me a message, once you send me your access details on the site I will investigate your problem

I don’t see that option, should I use the email in your bio?


It’s like this: Screenshot by Lightshot

That isn’t an option for me. I sent the information to the me AT nodariko DOT com email

I just sent you a message here, please reply