Will your free themes have dummy content and SEO?

Hi there

I was wondering if you have some dummy content for the free themes.
I’m very visual, so I like to start out with dummy content and remove it when I put my own stuff on it.

However, it would be great to see sites being ready with dummy content and easy to SEO optimize.

I have had a look at many of your themes as I’m working with clients sites as well in my business, but so far I’ve found it easier to use the extension plugin to Elementor and Divi, when I make pages.

So my main concern is to look for the best Main menu, as that is the key template part for me.
Let me know which theme to choose to get the perfect theme menu.

Hey there

Yes, all our themes have dummy content and you can install them from the demo content installation feature :slight_smile:
Not sure about the SEO, it’s all about your and your setup of the SEO strategy :slight_smile: