Woo-commerce Issues


I have this issues with the ecommerce store am creating which I’m not sure if you’re the right support to come to, but I’ll still ask anyway.

I have been trying to upload products to my website using the csv woo-commerce plugin.

Unfortunately, I reach at error 504 every time the plugin hits the 130th product. However, the site comes back live with the products uploaded, but that’s not enough for what I’ll be offering going forward. In fact, I’ve also broken down the 950 product file into several files just to find out if that’s gonna be supported, but it didn’t work too…For now, I’ve about 950 products to upload on the website but I can’t be able to do that unless I find out the underlying problem. Undoubtedly, I know this issue emerges from the plugin but am uncertain why it happens - maybe there’s an underlying issue. .

Now, is this a problem with the theme (If so, how I can you help), or is it a problem with the plugin am currently using. Let me know if you can help with this.



Hi Ray,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Please try increasing PHP memory and execution time by using the solutions posted on the following pages.

If you still face the issue then please contact the plugin developer.

Best Regards,