Woocommerce check out fields

The fields for Name, andress etc doesn’t show the text you write. How to fix this?
I attach a screen shot and you can try it out on my page http://naturlighasthantering.se/till-kassan/


There is no box to check for the conditions the costumer must read. Therefore it’s not possible to make an order cause it wont go through if the conditions aren’t agreed on…

Of course all this worked fine before I switched to this beautiful theme


Realized that it look normal in Google chrome. But I get a Internal Server Error when I want to check out. Which makes it impossible for the costumer to actually by my courses…

Hoping for help

Hello @joannan,

First of all, thank you for the kind words!

I cannot see a live preview of the issue in discussion on your website, probably you removed the form already.

As far as I know the theme is not WooCommerce ready, therefore you are missing the style for the shop.

Because I have fresh news about this I need to get back to you with more information and a status of this implementation.

Until further news, you might want to add me on Skype (Ion Rutz) for more details about a custom implementation of the shop system.

Best regards

I feared your answer that it was not completly ready for woocommerce, but I got different answers when i googled it so I installed the theme anyway. It is really beautiful and I would love to keep this theme!! :slight_smile:
I will add you and hope you can help me tommorrow (northen european time zone for me) then :slight_smile:

best Regards

Hello Joanna,

Thank you for the request on Skype, I’m looking forward for a chat there.

Kind regards