WooCommerce compatibility

Are there any plans to make the Dazzling template WooCommerce compatible in the future?

If not, and I do it myself, is there any place/repository I can contribute my changes, such as GitHub or something?

I do have a plans to make this theme WooCommerce friendly but I haven’t had time to get this done.

I just pushed this theme to Github and I would really appreciate if you could help with WooCommerce integration. Here you can find it on Github: GitHub - puikinsh/Dazzling: Flat design WordPress WooCommerce theme developed using Bootstrap 3 and FlexSlider

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know how much time I will have for it either, but if I do make any progress, I will let you know. Thanks for posting the repo!

Btw, I am already working on WooCommerce integration and it will be available as Dazzling 1.2 update. I am almost done with this update but it will take another week or so until it will be available via WordPress.org