Woocommerce & Enable featured image as header image

I’m using Illdy theme & woocommerce.
I’ve set the option “Enable featured image as header image” in order to display the featured image in the header, for each page I want, and this works for all my posts & pages.

Now, woocommerce uses “featured image” as “product image”, so when I display a product page, I see the product image in the right place but also in the header. Product photos comes often with a white background, so I cannot see anymore the header’s content (text, menu etc)

So, I’d like do use product image ONLY as product image, and not see it on the header; i’d like this feature only for woocommerc product (or specific pageID)… Is it possible?


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I am not quite clear on what you want done here. Is it that you want the featured image in the header but another image to be used for the product itself?

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Yep, that’s what I want: the featured image (or no image) in the header but another image to be used for the product itself.

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In that case, what you can possibly do is hiding that featured image. You can use such a CSS code for this:

.single-product header#header {
background: none !important;

I hope this helps.
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Thanks!! It works!!

I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions Thanks!