WooCommerce Left Sidebar

Hello! Thank you so much for this amazing theme. I have added WooCommerce to a client’s website:

The client wishes to have a left sidebar layout when you click “Wheels”. This way, the end user can always see the “WooCommerce Product Categories” (which would be all of the wheel brands offered) widget at all times while shopping. I mistakenly told the client this would be no problem, assuming I could simply select the “Left Sidebar” layout on the “Wheels” page.

Unfortunately, this has not worked and I have spent many hours trying to figure it out to make good on my word. Please help!

via a search on this forum, I found your suggestion to add the following code to Theme Options>Other>Custom CSS, but it did not seem to work.

.left-sidebar-template #content-woocommerce {
float: right;
.left-sidebar-template #secondary {
margin-left: 0;

Any help is greatly appreciated!

This theme has basic WooCommerce integration and it works with default theme settings no matter how you push it.

One option how to create a different sidebar for WooCommerce pages is to use sidebar manager such as WooSidebars this wil allow to use diffeent widgets for different pages on your website. Of course it won’t add left sidebar to WooCommerce but you can use there a completely custom sidebar from the rest of the website.

Thank you so much Aigars! WooSidebars worked perfectly.