WooCommerce pagination not working

Hi,I’m working on a client project with the theme Unite, I make some new integrations and change the theme a litle bit for makeing a Woocommerce site, I have a really big problem I setup a woocommerce category the name of the category is “bottoms” When I go to 'localhost/mysite/shop/bottoms show the category perfectly with the list of 10 products, this category has 17 products the pagination is 1 2 → when I go to the second page the URL is ‘http://localhost/mysite/shop/bottoms/page/2/’ there is a error massage that says ‘Oops! That page can’t be found.’ I try everything, refresh the cache, update my permanlinks and nothing happens!!!, I has another section of the site that is the shop ‘http://localhost/mysite/shop/’ this shows the products perfectly and the same paginations structure when I go to the second page of the pagination the systems shows the product perfectly, Help please!!!

This is definitely not theme related issue as it has only basic WooCommerce integration and it doesn’t doesn’t impact default WooCommerce templates, so all functions should work just fine. You can also see that on our theme demo here and here.

Judging by appearance of this problem it is most likely permalink problem. To make sure if this is the case try to set permalinks to default ones via WordPress dashboard - Settings - Permalinks. These links no longer will be styled as page/2/ but will have IDs but at least they should load just fine.

This is usual problem with local WordPress setups as rewrite rules are not enabled by default or wokrs only partially.