Woocommerce pretty permalinks not working for Travelify

Dear Colorlib,

I have an issue considering permalinks when working with Woocommerce.

On all my pages, including the Woocommerce pages like product and category pages, I would like to have ‘pretty’ permalinks like this:


However, when I apply the according setting in Wordpress->Settings->Permalinks I get ERROR 404 screens on every Woocommerce generated page.
I read about this problem all over the internet and people offered various solutions. None has worked for me.

I contacted Woocommerce and they set it must be a theme related issue.

Is there anything you can tell me about this problem? Is there a solution for it?

Any help will be highly appreciated!!

This problem is in no way related to Travelify theme because it features a basic WooCommerce integration which means that it is made so that it works but it completely depends on WooCommerce functionality. No additional functionality or templates have included with this theme.

For permalinks in general there is only one thing and that thing is rewrite rules implemented via .htaccess for Apache or via virtual host file for nginx. If you know what I am talking about then contact your hosting provider saying that permalink rewrite rules are not working and they should know what’s up.

Another thing is that this problem might be caused by some plugins but it is very unlikely unless you have installed something completely outdated.

Hi Aigairs,

Sorry for the late reply. For some reason I didn’t get an e-mail notice.

Thank you so much for the information! The issue lied indeed with the hosting provider. I had to manually sync the .htaccess file in order for the functions.php and permalink structure to work seamless.

All is well now, thanks to your refer!!