WooCoomerce / custom sidebar

Hi Support team,

I’m struggling with the sparkling theme in combination with WooCommerce.

On the front page I’m using the default right sidebar for additional information about my store.

When I go to my shop URL I managed with the plugin (custom-sidebars) a different sidebar. In this sidebar you’ll find the list with product categories.

When I click one of those categories the original sidebar is showed. Where can I make sure that my custom sidebar is shown in all webshop pages ?

And a probably easy second question… How can I make sure all text in this custom sidebar is black.

The text is black, but the number of products behind it is a different color.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Arjan

You have to add and manage sidebars by using third-party plugins because there is no sidebar management for shop pages in the theme, but they can be managed by third-party sidebar plugins