WordPress 5

Does Colorlib Shapely theme work correctly with WordPress 5?

Good morning

i saw plenty of our customers are using the latest version of WordPress, so far there was no report on bug or incompatibility

Hi all,

Trying to setup a new version of the Hoshikaze site on WordPress. I installed 5.0.2 and Illdy theme. So far, everything seems to work fine. But 1/ it’s not Shapely theme and 2/ I’m new to WordPress, so I could miss things…

The only issue I found so far is, on text entries like titles or description texts, I would like to insert line breaks and I couldn’t. On one title, I made it without even knowing how, but couldn’t reproduce it and haven’t a single clue about why it worked here and not on other texts… But I’ll make a separate topic for that, as there’s no clue it could be related to WP5…

Hi Mutos

You already have a ticket opened on that question, so please don’t duplicate questions