Wordpress Development

Hi guys,

using a theme doesn’t mean that I don’t code. so I don’t want to copy a file via ftp edit and upload it again via ftp and refresh the browser anymore. so I wanted to ask you if you know a better workflow for these small tweaks.

At work we are doing RoR developing with git github and jenkins for deployment. so when commiting some stuff jenkins is doing a buildtask and then deploying to staging enviroment.

I had a look and found bitbucket with free privat repos. this okay so far. and i think i will also be able to set up a local enviroment. but the problem is to find a way to deploy the code in bitbucket to the server …

so setting up jenkins, don’t know if i’m able to do that. do you know an easy way to do that, at best for free.

how is your workflow?



Thank you for your questions!

I have rather simple workflow:

  • I develop everything locally and use MAMP (WAMP and XAMPP for Windows) for Apache, MySQL, and PHP to run WordPress on it.
  • As code editor I use Sublime Text with several extensions (for Sublime they are called packages). Here you can see most of them:

    This helps me with code styling, code suggestions, WordPress related function suggestions and much more. Packages are they key here as I also have Browser refresh that automatically refreshes my browser once I save changes.
  • For version control I use Git. I am not huge fan of terminal style, so I use Github’s official application.
  • I also use Chrome Dev Tools a lot. Dev Tools are opened all the time for testing on different resolutions and devices etc.

I almost never work on a website while it is online unless I need to make some minor changes that would require to edit one file or even a single line.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

thanks for reply. guess the auto refresh after saving is pretty cool :slight_smile:

so you are using git with github?

and I’m not sure if i got the last sentence right; you just change minor things on live websites? and this means you are doing it via ftp? so you don’t have a automated deploying after commit and push to remote (github/bitbucket)?

Yes, if I need to make changes I usually do them via FTP but it doesn’t happen often. The thing is that I am mainly working with WordPress themes that can be entirely tested locally and I don’t need to deploy them anywhere. I push them for review at WordPress.org, ThemeForest or elsewhere and then I can install them on my demo sites or they are automatically downloaded from WordPress or ThemeForest.

So my themes basically lives as a .zip files on are waiting for users to be downloaded as I no longer do any custom development work for my clients. If you need something for rapid deployment this approach is definitely not for you.

yep, anyhow, thank you for this

and have a nice week :slight_smile: