WP integration with BigCommerce cart

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I am using the Dazzling theme for my WP website and wish to integrate it with BigCommerce.

Just wondering if anyone has attempted this, where you are on the WP website but you show a BigCommerce widget at the top of the page with the cart icon. This icon also has the number of items in your cart.

I assume this is achievable by using the Dazzling theme in BigCommerce, but I just want the WP website and the BigCommerce site to be seamlessly integrated. The top bar with the cart icon on the WP website is a start.

One might ask, why don’t I just use BigCommerce and its Store Front designer/webpages. It’s because it does not offer the powerful and flexible plugins that WP has to offer.

Please see the attached PPT for a visual and user journey.


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You can refer the information provided on the following page and you have to develop custom code to achieve any custom functionality.


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Thanks Movin,

I’ve read this articles before, I don’t think it fits my user journey, as the articles show you how to add your blog into your bigcommerce store.

I want to add a bigcommerce cart and context into my blog/website - the other way around. I would imagine you will only get the bigcommerce context once you navigate to the bigcommerce store from my website hosted elsewhere hence why this article is suggesting you configure the website’s domain into bigcommerce to ensure their context can be shared with the website.

Is this correct?


Yes you are correct and you contact them directly on their website to get more information about it.