WPLM language switch

I started a new project with Sparkling theme. When I added the WPML plugin I noticed that the language switch in the menu wasn’t displaying well. Languages were show as a list without the dropdown css. When I changed the theme of my project from Sparkling to Travelify, the language switch displayed very well. So I suppose Sparkling isn’t WPML ready? Is there a fix for this? Thx. Koen

Travelify is the only theme which is optimized for WPML and also certified and tested by WPML team.

However, it shouldn’t be too difficult to optimize Sparkling as well. If you could post website URL with Sparkling theme and enabled language switched I would look into it.

This is my testsite http://www.thefourthcinematiccity.com/
Thx. Koen

Ok, now I see what you meant.

It won’t work as menu items, however, you can add language switcher manually by editing header.php file and adding this code from WPML

<?php do_action('icl_language_selector'); ?>

That way you will have much more control over how and where language switcher appears.