Wrong image URLs


I am building a site on my local machine which is working fine. I am using a local domain test.dev. When I deploy the site to production.com, I set the new WP_HOME and WP_SITERUL to production.com in the wp-config.php. This works except for the logo and the header images, they still point to test.dev.

In the database, I can see, that the options table contains a key ‘theme_mods_illdy-child’ (I am using a child theme), which contains the full URLs. Simply rewriting those values did not work.

How can I make the theme respect the Wordpress constants so that I can have the site running on multiple domain when needed?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Tobias,

You should first have a look here:

If you still have any questions after all, I would gladly do my best to guide you around.

Best regards