Wrong purchased in Colorlib

Hello. Recently (3 May 2020) I bought the wrong license for my site.
I needed to buy one theme on your site on WordPress but bought a license for one site on HTML.
Would you mind please help me to change the license from that I already bought(HTML license) to one WordPress Premium Theme? If it is impossible to change it through covering an extra expense could you please make a refund for a bought license since I haven’t used it yet. To allow me to buy the correct one? I can send you a receipt of my previous purchase if it needs.

Hi there

Yes, you can use the same license, we have only one license for themes and templates

When I try to select “Muji” theme from the page of your site - ColorLib Wordpress themes
it redirects me to another one - Buy Muji theme
where the price for this theme is 59 USD. I see there a button “Add to cart” but as I understand if I press on it I will be charged with this amount.
Maybe do you have your own Wordpress themes, that have the same license and I can simply use it instead of HTML license?

Hi there

Muji is not our theme, themes on the page you provided are from the other providers and they are for selling on the ThemeForest, no, we don’t have that Wordpress theme for sales and as I said before license purchased with us you can use for HTML and Wordpress themes