yellow colour throughout site can I change

Hi there thanks again for this theme, one of the best I have used. Keep up the good work…
Question I have a site in progress and as much as i like the the yellow colour of the buttons and some text it just does not fit with my colour scheme. When you hover over menu navigation and blog buttons they appear yellow I want to make this grey. Is there some css for this or an easier way to do this. Thanks again

If you look inside Illdy’s layout folder, you’ll find the main.css file. That file includes all the styles for the look of the site. You can find/replace all the instances of the yellow colors with the color of your choice, for example Find: f1d204 and Replace with 808080 - You may want to use “simple custom css” plugin to override Illdy’s settings instead of changing them with Wordpress’ build in css editor since apparently when you update the theme, it’ll overwrite your changes.

If you want to do that, you would go to Plugins, Add New, search for “simple custom css”, download the plugin, activate it and then under Appearance there will be a new menu item called “Custom CSS”; copy the main.css text into that area and then make the changes you want. If you decide you don’t like it…you can always delete it and it’ll default to Illdy’s stylesheet.

Good luck.

Thanks Marcee appreciate this.

One thing Marcee can I access the main.css file from the dashboard? thanks

Oh Hi. Sorry, I didn’t realize you were the same person. Ha. I pretty much explained myself twice. But no, you can’t. You have to access it via FTP or through your host portal. It will be in your public html folder, wp-content, themes, illdy, layout…

You can also view it locally on your harddrive wherever you downloaded the original illdy theme zip file. You can unzip it and look at it in there… in the layout folder, open the main.css file in a text editor and find the section you want to edit and paste that into the css plugin and edit away!

Thanks Marcee worked a treat.