You have been flagged as spam/malicious by WordPress Zero Spam

I’m trying to contact colorlib, but the contact form will not be sent because of this message “You have been flagged as spam/malicious by WordPress Zero Spam.”

It’s weird because I don’t even send out many emails in my name. Also, I tried changing my name in the form, but the error message stays the same

Hi there

Well, that’s weird, where you meet that problem?

You may post problem related to your website here

This is the page. And since I tried again… but it is still not working, I will post my problem here…


Right after I bought the lifetime subscription, I tried to cancel the purchase with no success. Because I was trying to use this contact form and it wouldn’t work.

Now I can’t even download the templates I want, because when I click on them, I am redirected to another page to buy the template. For example: Kero jQuery/HTML Dashboard PRO - DashboardPack

I would still like my money back

Hi there

If im not wrong you purchased it here: so, you have to reach them out on their support board here: Discussion Forums - DashboardPack

they also have facebookg page or other social media, so, please contact them

That’s wrong.

I puchased the life time subscription from colorlib. But whenever I try to download some themes, I am just redirected to an affiliate link where I would have to buy the template.

Any words of how I can get my money back for this “life time subscription”?

Sorry for inconvenience, you need to issue a refund request from your PayPal account,

The transaction is not listed in my Paypal Activities

Since it does not appear in my paypal activities, is it ok if I try to cancell with my credit card issuer?

Well, first of all, this is impossible, if you made a purchase by PayPal you probably missed it,

Yes, you can issue a refund request from your card as well