Youtube playback and search removal

Would it be possible for you make the entire video clickable? I have the following YouTube on my site, with a placeholder image. The image doesn’t have the “youtube center” play, but the widget seems to be showing it. But you cannot click on it to play. You have to use the buttons at the bottom.

Also, can you put spacer controls in the widget, in case you want to add some padding around it. A title section would be nice, too.

Here’s the example I am talking about:

With all the tweakability of Shapely, why is there no way to enable/disable search from the menu? It seems like it would be easy to add. I saw there was some way to it by editing the files. Seems a bit extreme when it could be controlled by the backend.


bumping this before I install another plugin for video

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  1. It is not possible to have that center play button work because the center play button is the youtube play button that is taken from youtube itself.

  2. As it goes for the padding and search Icon, you can use the following CSS code to change these by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and pasting it there.

/*Video margin*/ {
    margin: 20px;

/*Remove search Icon*/ {
    display: none;

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