Youtube Video isn't working/Problem video section

Hi there,

the homepage isn’t online yet, because I’m still working on it.
I’m just building a landing page with 6 sections. 4 parallax sections, 1 contact form, 1 video section.
The structure I would like to have:
Parallax section
video section
Parallax section
Parallax section
Parallax section
contact form

The structure I get:
Parallax section
video section

Parallax section
Parallax section
contact form

The video section displaces always the next section.
I don’t know how to change it. I’m not as good in html to change anything in code.

  1. problem:

I would like to add a youtube video.
Do I have to use the channel ID or the user ID in “Youtube ID”?
For video url I use the link which youtube provides for sharing.
So I tried all kinds of combinations and nothing worked.
It says "An Error occured. Please try later. Reproduction-ID XXX
more information (that should be a link, because it’s underlined but it isn’t working).
Then I uploaded the test video. Everything is fine and video is playing.
But the video which will be played there has a bigger file size, which is why I can’t upload it to wordpress and I prefer to upload it to youtube.

What do I do wrong?

Thank you for your help!

Hey there

Sorry about that, please send me your admin details privately and I will check your problem

Hey Noda,

would it be also possible to help me via teamviewer?
And how do I sent you a private message?

Thank you!


Hey there,

is there anything with which you could help me?

Hi there

Sorry, but I can’t do this by team viewer,
Click on my name and you will see options to send private messages

Hi there,
you got mail. I send you one today and last week, so maybe one get lost. :wink:

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