yummy theme is broken

hi. i am trying to install the yummy theme but it’s broken
see message
Broken Themes
The following themes are installed but incomplete.

Name Description
__MACOSX Stylesheet is missing. Delete
yummy Template is missing. Standalone themes need to have a index.php template file. Child themes need to have a Template header in the style.css stylesheet. Delete

Hi Zubi,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Could you please share me the page URL from where you have downloaded the yummy theme to install so that i can help you?

Best Regards,

i download from here

are you there movin? i have to finalize it. the client is not waiting

The shared Yummy Yummy - Free Creative Food Blog Website Template - Colorlib is not a WordPress theme but HTML template so you can’t install it in WordPress as a theme but can use it outside WordPress as a HTML website.

If you want to use WordPress theme then you can use any of the free themes listed in the following page.

i need yummy theme. it is not there

how can i install that. can i creat style.css by my own. or any other way

We don’t have yummy WordPress theme yet. It is just HTML template.