Zoom images on however for Pinbin WordPress theme?

Hello, Aigars!
Thank you for great theme. I’m making a small picture store now and have some question…

I want to make a feature image in single post to zoom by click (or pointing cursor). I tried some image zooming plugin (like this http://wordpress.org/plugins/zoom-image/) but they didn’t work. Can you help me with that? Here’s my site http://pictureland.com.ua/
Thank you!

I can see from this plugins description that it doesn’t suppose to work with regular images. It is made to zoom WooCommerce images marked with woocommerce_product_thumbnails

It is possible to modify this plugin but I wouldn’t recommend to do so. Instead look for some “lightbox” plugins. There are plenty of them that will work with this theme.

Thakyou for reply!

I’m not a professional, but I’l try to explane… I tried another plugins, but the problem, I think, is that there is no “access” to the original image from feature image. And i need to zoom feature image, not image inserted into post.

Look please example here http://pictureland.com.ua/aistyi/
enlarging for the image in text works, but for feature image not… Is it possible to make it work for feature image?

Thanks again for your attention!

Aigars, I made the thumbnail clickable now but it has links again to the opened post.
Can you help me to incert link to the full image.
Here how I changed line 13 in single.php:

<a href="”>

How can I chage post link to image link?
Thank you!

As for zooming, I’ve instaled “Auto Highslide” and it works, but only for images that are inserted into text of post. (Here is it: http://pictureland.com.ua/aistyi/)

The question is how to give “access” for plugin to enlarge the featured image of the post?

First thing you need to do is to follow these steps to make this image clickable:
http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/the_post_thumbnail#Post_Thumbnail_Linking_to_Large_Image_Size because now it is not linked to the actual image but is just “embeded”.

Then edit your plugin to support image with class pinbin-image. There is chance that it will already work without editing your plugin but first step for adding source URL for image is mandatory.

Other option is to add URL class for image to comply it with one supported by plugin. Just look into plugin documentation to find it out.