2 Months at least

It takes more than 2 months to get a refund for a theme. How long does it take exactly? I don’t know, I’m still waiting.

Contact form apparently doesn’t work because I tried it 3 times. Support is useless, they just keep saying that they are not doing refunds and tagging other people, who do nothing about it.

The money isn’t important anymore. I’m just very curious how long will it take to get a refund (if ever).


Just send an email with your Colorlib ID and screenshot of refund request, you’ll get your money if it falls under Terms and Conditions.

Hi there

Im sorry guys im not the person who manages refund requests, usually you only need to start refund process from your bank account,

Hi @natashaclay ,

I’ve sent 2 or 3 mails to support, filled out the web form 3 times and wrote a few times here on support threads.

@colorlibsupport , I know you are now the person who manages refunds, I’ve heard it 4 times already.

I did however receive some unexpected money on my account last week but there is no sender, so I will have to go to the bank and check. Maybe it’s a refund that I’ve been requesting for months now.

Either way, the lack of communication and responsibility from the support team is just awful and I will never recommend this website.

@Nemanja0202 hello, did you get your money back?, I have the same situation as you, I’ve been trying to get my money back for 1 month and they don’t answer me, I’ve sent about 20 emails and I’ve filled out the form 11 times and I don’t receive any response.

Hi @nejambla,

Sounds just like my situation but I wasn’t as persistent as you are, mostly because I forget about it and get reminded every 2 weeks when I receive an automated mail.

I’ve received around 17,5€ last week which is around 20$ (I think that’s what I payed for a theme, not sure) but I can’t see who it’s from. I have to check with my bank.

Maybe there’s a policy that it takes 30 days or something but that should be clearly stated, you should get a response/email so that you know that someone is working on your case. That’s what annoyed me the most!

I hope you get a response and a refund soon.

@Nemanja0202 Is it fair the money that they should reimburse me 17,5 euros, are you from Spain?

However, these people do not answer me at all, they do not tell me if they are reviewing my case, nothing at all.