2nd level (3rd level?) menu not showing

Same basic subject as https://colorlibsupport.com/t/3rd-level-menu-not-showing/, different theme: Sparkling (free). I can get the drop down off the main menu to show, but no second level off the first drop down (what I guess is being called the third level menu). Does Sparkling (free) support this? I’m guessing not? I really don’t want to hack the theme lest updates overwrite them (plus, I am not a WP guru).

Any assistance would be appreciate.

On thread you mentioned I linked to thread where you can find a proper solution for that. Here is that thread.

This is not going to come as feature in theme because Bootstrap, on which this theme is based, still doesn’t support multiple dropdowns by default. Above mentioned solution is the best one right now.

Thanks for the info. I’m not clear on how that functions: I get the impression that it causes the third level to display any time the second level is active. Or am I misunderstanding something there?