404 Shapely Malware detected

I ran a scan and it said I had known malware.

Our web developer ran it and found malware… Can you help? Thank you…

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Dear kimmy007 we support only theme related problems and questions and since your problem is related to malware or site security we cant assist you, your problem is global and it needs deep investigation

Colorlib Support Team

Hi, Google found the same code for my site. They sent it to me. I have been scanning the site and db since days unsuccessfully.

This is the code


How have you done to find and remove it?

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Same, I unfortunately have not been able to find and everything is coming up clear. It may be from a past host that I moved from, and old files from there, but I am still looking. I resubmitted the xml sitemap and have been sending screenshots to Google… Let me know if you learn anything more! It has been debilitating… without being able to have ads…

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Do you want this ticket to be deleted?

Regarding problem

Tats clearly not a theme related problem and i cant say anything about, this question falls outside of our support policies, if you are interesting in custom work with me let me know, maybe i can help you