A Couple of Issues with Shapely theme


My first issue is with my ‘Shop’ page on my site isaplzz.com. I would like to make the Shop page a ‘full width’ page, as it was before.
I’m not sure if there was an update of some sort that changed it. Now, there is a huge white gap to the right of my product listing and I hate the way that it looks. (Shown in IMG 1)

My second issue is one that I have been experiencing for awhile, and I am sick and tired of. When I go to update my site’s identity logo, I get an error message (Shown in IMG 2). Not sure what the issue is, I have tried different ways of uploading and different image formats but nothing seems to work. It also does the same when I try to add a site icon, which I currently do NOT have at all because of this issue.

Please help me and thank you for your time.