A few little tweaks


first of all I’d like to thank you for such an awesome theme. During setup I’ve encountered some difficulties regarding “translations”.

  1. Underneath every post, when it states the author, i want to change the comment count to my mother language, but i couldn’t find it in the .php files.

  2. Where can i translate the archives pages? For example, when you click any month it appears i.e. “Archives: April”. The month is correct because wp is in my mother language, but i want to “translate” Archives.

Thank you

Hello @tiagorodrigues,

For the comments text go to WordPress installation folder > wp-content > themes > illdy > inc > components > entry-meta > class.mt-entry-meta.php > line 75

For the second question, go to your WordPress installation folder > wp-content > themes > illdy > inc > template-tags.php

This should do the trick, let me know otherwise.


It all worked perfectly!

Regarding the comments, it changed in every post but not on the blog page. I searched for it on the blog php but it’s not there.



To change the blog archive page content you need to modify in the same entry-meta.php file, but at the archive_entry_meta_output function.


Perfect! Thank you very much!