A few problems


I have a few problems concerning this website : www.letitbeach.nl

  1. The logo and the menu are in this black colored box, but I would love to make this black box see through but I can’t seem to work it out

  2. How can I change the font size throughout the site? And in the different sections as Contact and About, the headline is so close to the body text, can I not put an “Enter” between so it has a little more breathing space?

  3. When I put in on the mobile version, the hamburger menu will stay there until you press on the hamburger icon again, but I would like it to dissapear after you clicked “Contact” or whatever.

  4. How can I link the 2 buttons in the Jumbotron section to the sections in the page?

Thanks so much in advance! Would love to finish this site

Hi there

  1. add this code in appearance > customize > additional css:

#header .is-sticky .top-header {
background-color: #3131318a;

  1. settings are collected in appearance > customize, from here you can customize most of the fonts,
    have you already changed them? i see fonts are resized

  2. that’s how it’s designed, we can’t change it

  3. i see you already did this?

I have done point 4 indeed, I figured that out! 2 I didn’t but I will try it.

I also bumped into another problem: In the testimonials section, the text bubble has more space above than below. So the text is not in the middle and I can’t seem to get that right!

I fixed everything, forget my latest reply. This is the only thing that bothers me:

The font size in the testimonial bubble and the space above that first sentence in the bubble. I want it even with the space below

Thanks so much!


That’s cool :slight_smile:

try this css for testimonial:

#testimonials .section-content .testimonials-carousel .carousel-testimonial .testimonial-content blockquote {
font-size: 18px;
padding-bottom: 20px;


Yay it worked! Thank you so much! I can’t make it smaller than 20px I understand?

Now I bumped into another problem… they seem to keep coming haha.

  • When I am on the Blog - page, and I want to go back to the main page, the about me area for instance, it doesn’t respond. So I have to click on the logo first to get back to the main page and then the menu works. I would love it to work as well when I am on the blog page, because I don’t know if people will all know that they need to click on the logo to get back to the main website page.

  • When I am making a test on the blog page, to see what a blog post will look like, I added an image, but on the front page in the latest news section, it doesn’t show that photo (while it does do that in the illdy theme video on how to set up a blog). I don’t know what I am doing wrong here, but it looks ugly now! I added a screenshot of this.

  • When I am on the blog page, and see the post, there is some info like: who posted it, the date, the comments etc. How can I change this text? It’s in english now and I would like to have it dutch but I don’t know where to change this!


Hello there,

1 Please go to Appearance > menus and ensure that the links used in the header menu are in this format ‘Hostnet: De grootste domeinnaam- en hostingprovider van Nederland.’.

2 Just to be clear, did you add the image to the featured image section of the blog post editor page?

  1. In this case, you will have to translate the theme, here is a guide:

Best Regards,

Hi !

  1. Yes, worked! Thanks!!

  2. Worked as well, yay! But now the title is appearing in the header image. Normally it says “blog”, but now it has the title of my first blogpost (translated: my inspiration)… Will that dissapear when I post another blog? (see screenshot)

  3. I will try this, thanks! Is there also a way to remove the “uncategorized” * “comments are off for this post” and to change “admin” in the name of the author of the blogpost? I can’t find that anywhere when I am posting a new post

Thanks so so much!!


The name worked, but the one thing that doesn’t go away is : Uncategorized (see screenshot)
even though, I didn’t tick the categorie box…

Latest update: Worked it all out!

Thanks so much for the support, this forum can be closed now :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I’m glad that got to help.
Please feel free to reach out once again in case of any more questions.
Best Regards,